Excellent Polymer Clay Products

Every artist wants the best clay to work with and one of the first things they look at is the best brand. In 1954 the first polymer clay manufacturer, FIMO was established and they remained the only brand that artists could use as they had no competition for several years. Even today is FIMO the best seller in Europe regardless of other manufacturers, it is one of the clays that is very strong after baking, holds it shape very well before baking and works exceptionally easy too. Two main kinds of FIMO is the Soft and the Effect.

The Fimo Soft is as it says, it is soft and smooth with exceptionally easy blending. FIMO Effect is very popular among artists as it has various effects that range from gemstone, pastel, stone, metallic, translucent, glitter and night glow.

Sculpey Polyform and Ultralight Model Air Clay from the manufacturer Sculpey are two other top clay products. Using the Polyform Model Air the artist’s does not even need to cure it with a kiln or oven and it is often used for projects that needs additional details. It is durable, lightweight, smooth and can be painted as well.

twoThe ultralight is extremely soft to work with and very lightweight too, but it bakes amazingly hard and even when made into a large piece it will not break or crack.it is very often used for filler during polymer clay bead creation as it makes the beads very comfortable and light. After baking this end product can be painted with any acrylic paint, buffed, drilled and sanded. Then you can furthermore mix this clay with any other clay too and since it is light enough to float, it is excellent for floating candle holders etc.

Rub ‘n Buff is an excellent wax based cream when an artists is looking to create a matte look and add some metallic to the art work of polymer clay.