Unusual Ways for Artists to Get Creative Inspiration

schusterclassAre you one of the artists looking for interesting and unusual ways for ideas to unlock your imaginative and creative thinking? This is the blog where you might find inspiration to look outside the box to create unique and innovative arts and crafts projects. It is great for any craft or art niche to look for unusual ways to find inspiration for remarkable art work.

Visual Distortion

You will have a digital picture library that you have been collecting and a simple method using a program like Photoshop will distort them. You need to literally destroy your collection in such a way that it is unrecognizable.

Now see whether you could relate it to a new concept and the thoughts and emotions those distorted pictures evoke.

Unconventional Tools

Look around your workshop or house and look for any small objects like business cards, keys, and spiral pocket notebooks, in the trash for fabric scraps, straws, bottle caps or beach finds like seaweed, shells and driftwood. If you do not have any of those which is unlikely, make your own with crumpled paper, knotted ropes etc. these tools are excellent to make textured backgrounds and creative patterned artwork regardless of what kind of canvas you are using.

Movies, Online Casinos and Children’s Books

You will find a wealth of creative ideas on any one of these. You might question why not traditional websites and why it should be online casinos, however if you visit an online casino such as casino you will have a wealth of creative ideas that you could adopt from interesting elements like textures, movement ideas, color combinations, graphic design, repeated patterns, overall structure of a glittering world and more. Looking at movies and children’s books like book covers, picture book illustrations especially fantasy and fiction, adventure and science fiction books and movies.

Rural and Urban Architectural Design

Take a closer look at structures and buildings like public state buildings, houses and facilities like industrial structures, train stations and libraries. Landscapes are excellent too for example botanical gardens, campus lawns and parklands.